Salatiel Soares

Salatiel Soares was born in 1975 in Recife-Pernambuco, Brazil. As son of the bricklayer Luiz Soares Pereira and the houswife Maria Soares Pereira. As last of three sons and four daugthers, he moved as child together with his family to São Paulo, on the south of Brazil.

There he grown up and he started to see the world in a different way. At the age of twelve he discovered his abstract world; he started to paint and to create, without knowing the great importance of art in life. Even he never visited a school of arts, he learned everything about art thanks to his cuorisity. He created permanently his own world, an abstract world. At the age of sixteen he exposed his own works for the first time in a art gallery. He created further paintings and with each one, his passion has grown.

At the age of twentytwo he moved to Salvador da Bahia, on the northeast of Brazil. There he lived and worked together with other artists. Afterwards he moved to Switzerland, where he exposed his workings for the first time in Europe.